Hi friend, greetings. Welcome to my website. My name is G.Ramasubramanian, B.E., M.B.A., Msc ( Counselling and Psychotherapy), a Certified and Licensed Life and Transformational Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Corporate Trainer.

Iam very interested in Human behavior and have studied it deeply using Psychology, NLP , Modern management practices and Eastern wisdom practices. I also have 20 years of Industrial Executive and Managerial experience, which makes me a seasoned coach and trainer who can  understand human behaviour and provide solutions to a variety of issues in areas of Motivation, Relationships, Personal Development, Managerial and Leadership development, business and profession.

I have more than 500 hours of Coaching experience and about 1000 Mandays of Corporate training experience. I have positively influenced thousands of people through my corporate training programs, NLP workshops for public, Seminars, apperances in Television and through my books and articles.

I am a Certified and Licensed Life and Transformational coach and I like to help people to gain clarity in what they want to achieve, get committed and motivated to that and start taking massive action to reach their big dreams and goals.

If you want to know more about how Coaching could be useful for you, please download the free report ” Coaching for Success – 5 reasons why you need a Coach?” available at the Home page.

Thanks for visiting my site and looking forward to a long term relaionship with you.

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Certified and Licensed Transformational Coach

Certifed NLP Trainer

Certified Corporate Trainer